Est. 1991

Pure. Organic. Quality.

Providing the highest quality Organic Shiitake mushrooms available is our family tradition.

In the early 1970s, John Gillette Sr. Purchased a farm outside the small town of Scio, Oregon. Situated on the western foothills of the Cascade Mountains, from where the freshwater creek running through the property originates. We have made a lot of improvements on the 200+ acre farm since those early years when we produced lumber from the farm for the original buildings. There are now 3 generations working and living on the farm. Top Hat Mushrooms’ growing facilities are ever expanding and include computer-controlled environments to take advantage of the natural outdoor conditions.  We are relentless in our drive to improve efficiency while never wavering on our commitment to produce top quality mushrooms 365 days a year for wholesale distribution throughout North America. Top Hat Mushrooms is the largest organic Shiitake grower west of the Mississippi.

“Growing up on a farm surrounded by nature you really learn to appreciate the balance in our ecosystem and how healthy living soil nourishes healthy plants. When we eat those plants (or the animals that eat those plants) they help create and/or nourish the cells in our bodies. We are all meant to be created and nourished from healthy living soil. Eat USDA Certified Organic foods!”
We are committed to sustainable agriculture by using natural resources wisely. We produce plant-based compost from our mushroom logs, that naturally enrich the Earth’s soil.  We have a small carbon footprint and have installed an 88-panel solar grid at our Scio farm.
We value our customer’s trust they have in Top Hat Mushrooms and we will continue working hard to deserve it. “You have my word on it.”
Robin Gillette, CEO

Our Team

Robin Gillette
Robin Gillette (CEO)
Carrie Gillette
Carrie Gillette (CFO)
Casey Gillette
Casey Gillette (COO)
Katie Ortiz
Katie Ortiz (Gillette) (Secretary)

Our Purpose

To help each other advance through teamwork that results in providing the best value for our customers. To supply healthy, great tasting Organic Shiitake mushrooms that continue to delight and bring people together.

We believe in creating an environment where each individual is well equipped and knows what’s expected of them. One that allows them to do what they do best in a caring way. We believe, by creating opportunities that encourage continued learning and growth, we all benefit, by becoming better stewards of our resources.